Mondo Modelling

Mondo produces detailed CG models for a wide variety of applications, depending on the needs of our clients - from cartoon characters or fantasy creatures to photoreal objects that can be placed in real world environments. We offer a full design service through which we can help you to develop and realise your ideas or, if you have an existing design or blueprint, we can create a model to your specifications and can include existing artwork and branding in your model. If required, models can be set up for animation and seamlessly added to existing footage.

  • Characters and creatures for film, TV or advertising

  • Buildings or objects for scene dressing - film or TV

  • Technical models for diagrammatic or explainer videos

  • Pack shots for advertising

  • Visualisation for product development

Environment and characters for short animation

Film: The Gondolier's Dog
Product packs for TV commercial end shot

Client: Sheba
Campaign: Share The Experience
Agency: AMV BBDO

Safety equipment models created from blueprints

Client: Glazesafe
Product: Stronghold and Stronghold LIFT
Show logo matched and recreated for language reversioning

Client: Disney
Show: Monster Hugs Time